Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Death in Defence


September 19, 2011

Death in Defence

A suicide bomb attack at the residence of a top Police Officer in Defence Karachi on September 19 resulted in the death of eight precious lives including a mother and her child who were on their way to school. The Police Officer has blamed Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan for the dastardly attack.

If this is true, I would like to ask TTP hierarchy some questions. Whether your cause is justified or not, what right do you have to take lives of innocent people? What was the fault of the mother and child whom you killed so horrifically? If you wanted to attack the Officer then whose lives you destroyed? Do you have the decency to answer the husband and father of the two victims? Are you so alone in this world that you do not have mothers, sisters, wives, and children? Are you answerable to no one? What kind of Islam do you preach or follow? I say, shame on you for your contemptible, despicable, and monstrous activities and shame on your cohorts who share your sinful thinking and malevolent actions.

Majyd Aziz

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